Dogs Never Die

– adapted from the words of Justin Palmer –   Dogs never die. They don’t know how to. Yes, they get tired and very old, and their bones start to hurt, but they don’t die.   If they died, they wouldn’t want to always go for a walk – even long after their bones say, “No, … More Dogs Never Die

A Reminder of Being

    A sinking feeling; a heavy reminder of being. Dragging the feet to the moment of feeling free.   The voices whisper and point in the opposite direction, but it’s a sinking feeling; the heavy reminder of being.   To be flying – to be gliding – away from existence, as rainbow-dreams twist inside, … More A Reminder of Being

We Are Mosaic

The world is full of broken people finding their way through the shattered glass of heartbreak, sadness, and lost memories.   It cuts, it hurts, and it lets us bleed – driving you away from what the heart needs. Blinded by the bright darkness of our struggling souls; feeling alone and out of control.   … More We Are Mosaic

Colour Blind

In his times of darkness; his times of heavy rain, he dreamed about her guiding him through the pain.   Drowning in his questions about love and life, while lost in his reality of freedom and own light. No matter the way the compass told him to go, he was blinded by his fear of … More Colour Blind