A Turning Point

There is power in giving, but sometimes we think that giving is limited to money. And I know I’ve been guilty of believing it in the past, which is why I thought I didn’t have anything to give. But I’m happy to say, I was wrong.   Giving isn’t about money. It’s about making the … More A Turning Point

The Ultimate List of Things No Woman Should Wear

We are bombarded on a daily basis of what we should and shouldn’t wear. And with so many different lists out there, it’s impossible to not feel overwhelmed with all the different information.   So how should you know what list to follow? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here is your ultimate and go-to … More The Ultimate List of Things No Woman Should Wear

Thought of the Day

Life is tough. So we need to believe in something bigger; believe in something better to keep us going. But because we fear failure, we sometimes choose the road of doing nothing. The thing about failure is that it isn’t permanent. It’s a bruise and not a tattoo. Even when we didn’t achieve what we … More Thought of the Day

‘n Wonderwerk

Dis ‘n oomblik vasgevang; vir altyd geëts in my hart – die oomblik toe ek jou vashou vir die eerste keer. En van al die dinge wat my hande in die lewe moes dra, is jy by vêrre die beste en nog meer.   Ons was al verlief op jou voor ons jou geken het; … More ‘n Wonderwerk