A Reminder of Being

    A sinking feeling; a heavy reminder of being. Dragging the feet to the moment of feeling free.   The voices whisper and point in the opposite direction, but it’s a sinking feeling; the heavy reminder of being.   To be flying – to be gliding – away from existence, as rainbow-dreams twist inside, … More A Reminder of Being

We Are Mosaic

The world is full of broken people finding their way through the shattered glass of heartbreak, sadness, and lost memories.   It cuts, it hurts, and it lets us bleed – driving you away from what the heart needs. Blinded by the bright darkness of our struggling souls; feeling alone and out of control.   … More We Are Mosaic

Pink Balloons

  Pink balloons – flying up high in the sky – now I only have you in this heart of mine. I remember how the wind swept you away and guided you to the far-away clouds to play.   Pink balloons – up high and touching the sky – I never wanted to let go … More Pink Balloons


Soggens loer die son, opgewonde en nuuskierig: wat het hierdie dag, van onbekende, in stoor? En die natuur warm gretig hulle stemme op, elkeen op hulle merke – gereed om te bekoor.   Dit is uiteindelik lente; my koue winter is verby. Verlangde vertroue het ek vandag in jou gevind, toe jy my herinner van … More Lente-liefde

Dream Up

Always be you; it’s the best thing you can ever be. Watch the world with hope; it’s the best way to see. Whisper to the crickets and invite Mr Teddy for tea, and let your imagination run wild – be happy and free.   Never let the world stop you from being who you are. … More Dream Up